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Bridal Trend Alert: PEARLS!

Such a lovely jewel of the sea truly is the constant of the bridal world. There’s something ultra feminine and utterly elegant about it, and I love seeing it in wedding décor of all themes from vintage to rustic. Yes, there are actually many different ways to incorporate pearls into your wedding the way you want and make it fit any color scheme and style you’ve chosen. My personal favorites are pearls décor as a pretty chair adornment, pearl encrusted wedding cakes and also the most romantic and amazing pearl bridal headpieces. Scroll down to see plenty other ideas in the gallery below for more inspiration and ideas!

Hair Accessories - If you are a bride who wants to spruce up her look and make it wow, there are many trendy and modern ways to incorporate pearls into your look. First of all, these are hair accessories – hair bows with pearls, pearl hair pins, crowns and various headpieces.

Pearl Wedding Accessories - Second, this is pearl wedding jewelry – earrings and necklaces but prefer baroque pearls and statement gold to look ultimate. Highlight your open back with a gorgeous pearl necklace, and if you don’t have an open back, go for a pearl choker. Rock a beautiful pearl veil – a long or a birdcage one, think of a pearl capelet or even an overdress to take it off at the party.

Pearl Wedding Shoes - Pearl wedding shoes will give a slight touch of glam and refined feel to the look. You may also offer similar pearl accessories to the bridesmaids – pearl shoes, pearl earrings and even crowns.

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